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Vision - a clear picture of where your company is headed is the fundamental first step in running a successful business.  As George Harrison sang: “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there”.

We work with you to define and articulate your vision of what you want the company to deliver for you.  We then translate this into a vision for external communication that lets your employees and customers know what the company aspires to.

Strategy - the high level goals of your business and how you will achieve them.

Our role is to enable managers to step back and work ‘on the system’, to consider the bigger picture away from the pressures of business as usual.  We help entrepreneurs define their vision in a way that resonates with customers and inspires employees.  We help you challenge the existing situation and develop a focused operational strategy, with clear goals and direction, which everyone in the company can sign up to.

Business plan - the translation of the strategy into defined and measurable action plans that can be delegated for implementation.

We work with the management team to define the activities necessary to support achievement of the vision and in a way accommodates the vagaries of the modern business landscape.  We challenge the capability and capacity of the organisation to deliver the strategy and its agility to accommodate change.

We support you in producing business plans that help you run the business proactively, providing templates to make the process precise and quick.

Integration with the financial systems and careful monitoring of KPIs enables the right decisions to be made at the right time.

We support you in energising and motivating employees, aligning individual goals and motivation with business objectives.

In the strategic arena we also consider mergers and acquisitions, fund raising, organisational design and management of change.