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releasing the true value of your business

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Our expertise

We provide exactly the help you need whether that be as an integral part of your business, acting as a sounding board or supporting specific initiatives, releasing you to focus on what you do best - run your business.

Increasing profitability

We look at every aspect of your business and find ways of increasing sales, improving margins and reducing costs. Are you clear about your USPs? How effective in your new business generation strategy? Does everything you do add value for the customer? If not, why do it, because it adds cost? Do you get it right first time? How about cashflow?

Achieving sustainable growth

In making the adjustments and improvements that increase profitability we will help you implement processes that sustain these higher operating standards.  We’ll implement improvements that are future-proofed, instilling performance consistency and creating scalability.  We put you in control, creating the time and space for you to work on the process as well as in it.  This approach to business development contributes real value to your exit strategy.

Enhancing shareholder value

Revenue and net profit are key drivers of company value.  There are many other performance characteristics that can contribute to you achieving a premium or result in the initial valuation being downgraded.  We can help you position the company to attract maximum value when the time comes.

Creating time to think and plan

With the business in good health and operating predictably you will naturally free up the time you used to spend firefighting and this can be put to more valuable use. The relief of fewer pressures and having some time to think about the future are benefits our clients value. And the more time you spend planning and being creative the more likely you are to improve business performance: a virtuous circle. And remember some elements of strategic planning can be done just as well on the golf course (and we can support you there too!).

Our services are delivered via a range of collaboration models, including:

  • issue-specific advice
  • project based activity
  • interim resourcing
  • non-executive directorship.

Our objective is to have maximum impact at lowest cost. Click on any of the links to the left to find out how we might be able to help you.