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Standing out from the crowd, making a good first (and lasting) impression and remaining fresh in the eyes of your customers are critical characteristics of an effective marketing strategy.

Marketing strategy – the way in which you engage with your customers and prospects to motivate them to do business with you.

We review how well your current marketing strategy supports achievement of your business strategy.  We offer an independent and objective assessment, a customer’s eye view, of how well your message is getting across and the level of connection it’s making with your intended audience.  We then work with you to design a focused campaign that increases your ability to attract and retain clients.

Brand identity - the articulation of how the company desires to be perceived by its customers.  Coherent and authentic branding communicates who you are, what you stand for and what your organisation promises.  Your brand identity, or corporate personality, consciously and unconsciously influences the attitude and behaviour of your audience.

We tease out the unique characteristics of the business and present the company from a client-benefit viewpoint.

Marketing communications - engaging with your clients and prospects to inform, educate and motivate them in relation to your products and services.

We work with you to create a marketing communications strategy that delivers the goods.  This will invariably include a mix of both traditional and on-line methods.

Client research - listening to the voice of the customer enables refinement of your marketing messages, and improvement of your service.

We undertake a range of fact-finding activities to obtain a deep insight on customer thinking and opinion that feeds into product and service development, customer service improvement and finessing of marketing activities.

We provide hands-on resource to deliver:

  • PR
  • websites
  • blogs
  • collateral development
  • event management
  • company presentations.