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Alistair Morrison

Alistair MorrisonAlistair brings a passion to the task of business performance development and motivates business owners to achieve their potential.  He began his career in retail and wholesale food distribution before gaining a business degree.  After university he joined Burroughs (now Unisys) before moving to a major IT training business where he established a new consulting division. 

He spent some time with a management consultancy until co founding a specialist consultancy and training business focusing on the implementation of organisation change.  He grew this business over a 12-year period and negotiated its sale to a PLC.  During this time he met and was inspired by Dr W Edwards Deming whose management philosophy, based on quality and process improvement, drove him to refine the company’s market offer.

Successful organisation development and performance improvement programmes were undertaken with a wide range of clients, including Bank of England, Sainsbury, Royal Mail, Eastern Electricity, Lloyds TSB, Jarvis Hotels and Hertfordshire County Council.

Alistair has spent the last 10 years assisting small and medium sized companies to develop profitability, sustainable revenue growth and shareholder value, with a view to exit at maximum value.  He brings the experience of working with large and small companies and a wealth of knowledge from working across a diverse range of industry sectors.

He believes in a client-focussed approach to organisational development and the creation of enthusiastic teams that deliver quality solutions.  He supports organisations in implementing structured methods to plan, manage and control all aspects of business performance - with a clear focus on KPIs and the tools to monitor them.

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John Twigg

John brings an exceptional analytical ability to the appraisal of business performance which, together with his entrepreneurial flair, enables him to quickly identify improvement opportunities. He is a qualified engineer and began his career with Rover Group gaining experience of the entire manufacturing and assembly workflow. His last role at Rover was setting up and running an internal consultancy function designed to facilitate rapid process, skills and organisation change. During this time he pioneered the development of computer based and on-line learning.

He left Rover Group to join a consultancy providing organisation development services to large corporate and government clients. He then co-founded a specialist organisation change consultancy where he applied his experience to delivering hugely successful change programmes with clients that included The Stock Exchange, Hilton, RBS, Tesco, Ford and British Energy. He led a number of improvement activities within the company to develop industry-leading processes that delivered additional speed and value to client projects. John developed this business through to a successful trade sale to a PLC.

Recently John has focused his experience from the corporate sector to assist SMEs. He works with owner-managers to formulate new strategies, plans and ideas, and then goes on to assist them implement any required change. Recent projects include working in the engineering, finance and packaging sectors.

He is an ardent believer in the view that success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration! As a result he brings levels of enthusiasm and energy that galvanise everyone into action, all working towards clear and shared goals.

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