Strathmore | releasing the true value of your business

releasing the true value of your business

Our value-add

We understand your position, exactly:

  • we are entrepreneurs who have started and run our own businesses, experiencing all the ups and downs
  • that experience is available to you to relieve the growing pains of your business
  • we act as a knowledgeable sounding board giving honest feedback and challenge in equal measure
  • we facilitate great thinking but pride ourselves on delivery - rolling our sleeves up to actually implement ideas and plans, what busy business owners really need

We are different:

  • our interventions are very specifically directed at leveraging potential by guiding and supporting you and your team
  • our broad range of skills allows us to support you across the whole business
  • our approach, whilst solidly based on theory and research, is practical and hands-on, exactly what dynamic companies need
  • our work-with philosophy is designed to transfer skills to you, building confidence and leaving you self-sufficient for the future
  • our principals bring direct and long-term personal experience and success in creating shareholder value.

We are flexible, working in the ways that are most appropriate to you, including:

  • ad hoc advice on specific issues
  • project based activity
  • interim resourcing
  • non-executive directorship.

We provide objectivity and context:

  • creating the environment in which you have the time and space to plan for the longer term whilst retaining control of today‚Äôs business
  • developing the infrastructure for sustained success whilst still retaining the fleetness of foot to recognise and respond to opportunity
  • building in scalability that drives productivity and profitability.

Our clients benefit from:

  • focussed organisation strategy with clear goals and direction - with everyone engaged
  • defined functional objectives, with precise standards - delivering improved performance
  • access to the key measures of business performance - just-in-time data
  • accurate financial management - decision-making based on fact
  • executive coaching and mental challenge - thinking outside the box.