Strathmore | releasing the true value of your business

releasing the true value of your business

Our Viewpoint

Whatever your ultimate goal it makes sense to have a business that is profitable, runs efficiently, has a good customer base and loyal employees, and is a pleasure to work in.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. The competitive world is always on the move, regulations change constantly and your business will continually throw up new challenges. We help you manage these issues proactively to you keep ahead of the pack.

Based on the proven principles of organisational development coupled with our own experience of growing companies we offer a systematic approach to enhancing the performance and control of your business through:

  • a disciplined and market-focused approach to strategy planning
  • sales and marketing plans based on client insight
  • engaged employees who drive productivity, quality and innovation
  • process efficiencies and cost reduction
  • tracking and analysing the right performance and financial information
  • developing your people

We work as part of your team to maximise the performance of your organisation’s key processes:

Our principals have started, grown and sold businesses and have successfully advised 100s of companies large and small at all stages of the corporate lifecycle and across a wide range of industries.